Une tribune à lire

Dans The Guardian un article hilarant de Shalom Auslander qui vient d'acheter une voiture moins gourmande et les réactions des amis et autres chauffeurs. Un petit extrait:

"A few months ago, I decided to save the earth. Maybe it was something Al Gore said. Maybe it was something Leonardo DiCaprio said. Maybe it was just the high gas prices and the weakening dollar. Whatever it was, two weeks later I was at a car dealership near where I live in upstate New York, trading in my glacier-melting, atmosphere-wrecking, gas-guzzling American pick-up truck for a pocket-sized, carbon-frugal, 35 mile-per-gallon Japanese econobox. And you know something? It felt good. It felt right. It felt as if simply by getting into that car, just by turning the key and pulling into traffic, I was doing something good for mankind.


I began to regret my decision. And I began to get angry. Save mankind? What had I been thinking? I hate mankind. Everyone does. Why do you think aliens always circle around and leave?"

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So-Ann a dit…

Très bien formulé:-) Et un peu vrai dans le fond, hihi!:-)