Open Sailing

César Harada, à gauche dans la photo, a lancé, avec tout un groupe de personnes, "Open Sailing". C'est une personne dont vous entendrez parler à l'avenir tant il a d'idées, de génie, d'énergie, pour créer, transformer et construire de nouvelles réalités. Voir la vidéo ci-dessous pour comprendre leur concept.

Open Sailing aims to invent future lifestyles to overcome any possible natural and manmade disasters, stimulating people's ingenuity and sense of solidarity. Global warming, energy conflicts - different symptoms of our current situation mean we are finally realising our own responsibility for a crumbling earth - we are sniffing the 'Apocalypse'?

Open Sailing's method is to convert apocalyptic threats into design constraints. From our compiled set of 'threat maps', we have chosen oceans as the safest locations. Ocean survival architecture became our new starting point, but our designs need to go further than survival :

how can we live together in this new fluid configuration and remain a hyper-connected intelligent social being? We are trying to make a truly "open architecture" : pre-broken, under-defined, reconfigurable, moveable, pluggable, organic, fluid. Can we reach a harmonious dynamic state of interdependence with each other and the earth? Is this the next step of the civilization progress?

Open_Sailing 4' concept from Cesar Harada on Vimeo.

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Una Idea a dit…

La vidéo est très pédagogique et donne envie de suivre l'aventure. Je suis très curieuse de voir le premier prototype.