Sexe, Velcro et Biomimicry

"Biomimicry is a design idea that specifically looks at — and emulates — naturally occuring phenomena in order to develop sustainable technologies. Examples include those Janine mentions in the video above, as well as air conditioning inspired by termite's ability to build homes that maintain constant temperatures despite existing in extreme conditions; creating adhesive glue from mussels; and the development of hyper-strong fibers by emulating spider's silk.

Beijing's famed Water Cube reached new heights in environmental design in part by using the natural formation of bubbles in soap foam to help insulate it.

While the industry is young, its environmental, social and economic impact is increasingly considerable with both industries and communities clamoring for cleaner, greener, more natural carbon neutral solutions to our everyday needs."

Source et pour en savoir plus: ScribeMedia ou Biomimicry Institute

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Une info "de la terre" : à mi-chemin entre biomimicry (intéressant et à regarder plus en détail) et médecine traditionnelle : dans le Berry je connais de vieilles éleveuses (éleveurs) dont les grands-mères récupéraient les toiles des araignées noires dans les granges pour "panser" les blessures des animaux qui se blessaient dans les champs (plaies ouvertes, pour arrêter les éhomorragies).